VolcaMin (Zeolite) Success Stories

Vegetable growing with Volcamin

Volcamin used in Compost, Jim Gatt with Digby Lobb, ACE Ohlsson

Jim Gatt has been growing vegetables for 20 years, and while there is not a lot he doesn’t know about the subject – Jim is always keen to look at new techniques and methods of improving his crops.

After hearing about natural Australian Volcamin from horticultural produce and Volcamin distributor, ACE Ohlsson, Jim decided to trial Volcamin on his Chinese cabbage and carrot crops.

Situated at Mangrove Mountain in New South Wales, the soil on Jim’s property is a free draining, light textured sandy loam.

Jim treated four rows of Chinese cabbage at the rate of one tonne Volcamin to one acre – with amazing results.

”I always harvest my crop at one time. But this time the Chinese cabbage in the Volcamin treated rows, HAD to be picked at least two weeks earlier than the rest of the crop!

”They could not possibly have been left or else they would have split open,” Jim said.

He added that the Volcamin treated cabbages were also the deepest green colour he had ever seen in all the time he has been growing the crop.

Jim harvested the balance of the crop about two weeks later, and even though an extra, light dressing of urea had been added to this remaining crop, the colour of the Chinese cabbage was definitely not as good as the Volcamin treated cabbage. Jim is now treating all his property with Volcamin, and is convinced it makes a difference to crop quality.

”It is obvious that by using Volcamin in this type of soil, nutrients are ’locked in’ and the plant takes what it wants, when it wants it. The Volcamin also helps reduce leaching which often happens on sandy soils.

”As well as the cabbage, I am certain that my new carrot crop has got a better start, and established more quickly because the soil has been treated with Volcamin:’ Jim said.

Sydney Grower Success

Joe Galea, with his sons Paul and Jason, grows vegetables at the family’s Mangrove Mountain (NSW) farm.  Last year they decided to trial 2 tonnes of Volcamin on capsicums and cabbages. Most of the farm’s soils are light and sandy and subject to leaching of fertiliser. They applied the Volcamin on loamy soil and a rate of 1 tonne per hectare (400 kg/acre)

”We have started harvesting and have noticed a more even size in the capsicums”

”The crop has certainly had a nice green colour and they have grown well,” said Joe, “we have started harvesting and have noticed a more even size in the capsicums.”

”It has been the driest summer in 30 years and, because of this, I don’t believe we saw the real benefits of Volcamin,” Paul & Jason agreed that the Volcamin had given a positive result but would provide even greater benefits under more normal rainfall conditions, ”We are about to prepare for our winter plantings and will use Volcamin prior to planting cabbages, we also intend to try some on carrots as other growers have found it very successful,” they said.