About Us

About Agtech Natural Resources

Agtech Natural Resources is an Australian owned and operated family business, we are perhaps the only company in Australia specialising in “natural Fertilisers and Animal Feed Supplements” with 3 x generations, Grandfather to grandchildren working in the same factory/warehouse.

The vision from day one has been to only supply exceptional Earth friendly products either agricultural, horticultural, animal and human health products. The late Dr Harry Goodman gave us the task to find the perfect fertiliser, and ever since then we have grown using his insight and wisdom.

We have a dedicated family team with a diverse range of skills eagerly wanting to assist you. Try our Eco friendly products and let us know your thoughts. We also source and offer other great products to complement our own range.

Our products are:

  • Many times more environmentally friendly than most fertilisers
  • More Economical and
  • More Efficient/Effective. (you just need to apply less)

Agtech Natural Resources provides an economical way for consumers to access the science and technology that is helping the agriculture and horticultural world deliver economical & effective environmental solutions.

We also specialise in human and animal health products. Whether you farm hundreds of head of cattle or have just one little finch, we have endeavoured to manufacture/find the best products available on the market to improve the overall health and well-being of our favourite loved creatures, and ourselves.

People ask…..Why do you think your products have been so successful over the years?
We learnt…..That the soils/animals were lacking two key ingredients, Humates and Silicates. That’s what we do differently! We add these specially sourced premium organic components into our animal feeds or Fertilisers we and have been shown the evidence and short and long term benefits, from our customers’ crops and animals over the years, just by addressing these deficiencies.

We strive to provide great customer service and continue to improve our business at every opportunity. We ourselves, our friends and family use our own products and we appreciate the feedback from our clients as they really love how well our products work.