Nufeed as a Replacement for Bentonite

Buffering Capacity

Bentonites are often used in animal feed rations for their buffering capacity. A measure of the
effectiveness of this buffering capacity is provided by the cation-exchange capacity (CEC) of
the material.
The CEC of bentonites are commonly around the 40meq/100g. Nufeed has a CEC three
times greater at approximately 100-120meq/100g.

Selective Ammonia Adsorption

NuFeed has the ability to selectively adsorb Ammonium in the Rumen. This is especially
important where animals are fed non-protein-nitrogen (NPN) such as Urea. The breakdown
of the Urea can produce toxic levels of ammonia in the bloodstream and NuFeed is effective
in reducing peak Ammonia levels.

The Ammonia ions (formed by enzyme decomposition of the NPN compound) are ion-
exchanged into the NuFeed, thus limiting the immediate release into the bloodstream. The
same ions are released gradually (over several hours) by subsequent ion exchange with
cations in the saliva entering the Rumen.

Used as a “filler”

Bentonites are sometimes utilised as a “filler” in animal feeds.
Additional benefits for the animal can be provided by replacing the Bentonite “filler” with
NuFeed, a marginal increase in feed cost.