VolcaMin Flocculant Powder

Sizes: 4.5 kilo pail, 20 kilo bag, 1000 kilo bulk bag
VolcaMin Flocculant is a natural non-toxic powder flocculant. It is a sustainable natural product alternative to conventional aluminum sulfate (alum) and polymer flocculant products.

VolcaMin Flocculant provides a solution that does not add additional chemicals or salts in the treated water, but removes many of these unwanted elements, leaving cleaner, clearer water at a fraction of the cost of other flocculants.

VolcaMin Flocculant is a cost-effective, environmentally safe product that can be left in place after treatment, as it naturally locks-in unwanted chemicals and minerals or it can be disposed of in a typical landfill passing all TCLP (Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure) tests. VolcaMin Flocculant specifically addresses issues relating to total suspended solids (TSS), hydrogen sulfide, turbidity, silt, algae, ammonia, certain hydrocarbons, and bioparticle absorption typically in the primary clarification treatment process.

Benefits of VolcaMin Flocculant versus Aluminum Sulfate:

  • Organically derived ingredients.
  • Helps prevent disease in fish and other aquatic animals.
  • Lower solids content and solids content is easily dewatered reducing sludge disposal maintenance costs.
  • Higher solid/liquid separation than alum or polymers providing better flocculation of particulates.
  • Easy to use powder form that is environmentally friendly
  • Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Medium can be disposed of in a typical landfall or applied on land without any conditions; passing all TCLP tests.
  • Medium will not detrimentally affect any tertiary polishing membrane system processes
  • Low density media reduces shipping and handling costs
  • Highly Effective for turbidity, most heavy metals, silt, sediment, algae, bacteria, ammonia, certain hydrocarbons and TOC's.
  • Medium will not cause damage/decay of concrete water piping infrastructure.

VolcaMin Flocculant has several uses in the following sectors for water and wastewater treatment:

  • Commercial & Home garden pond and dam water treatment/ clarification
  • Civil Construction sedimentation retention basin & pond treatment.
  • Municipal drinking water and wastewater treatment
  • Petroleum related industries
  • Aquaculture

Application Rate

1kg treats up to 1500 litres water (2m x 1.5m x 0.5m)

Apply (sprinkle) the powder over the surface of the treatment area, particularly the edges. Don’t worry if it covers any plants, it can safely be washed or wiped off later.

It will eventually work its way downwards through the water column absorbing unwanted chemicals and elements. It can be safely left on the bottom of the treatment area permanently or
can be removed once water has cleared… leave for up to 7 days.

As with all powders, do not inhale product.