Sizes: 1 litre, 4 litre, 20 litre, 200 litre, 1000 litre
Quantum H is a unique group of organic acids that increases fertiliser efficiency and helps improve soil biology for extended agronomic benefits.

Quantum H Soil Amendment increases fertilise efficiency and improves soil biology.
These two important features allow you to extract more short and long term value from your fertilising program. Studies have shown that Hydra-Hume not only increases uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium by plants, it also helps retain those nutrients in the soil, resulting in greater nitrogen retention and less leaching. In addition to greater nutrient uptake and nitrate nitrogen retention in the soil, Hydra-Hume works chemically, biologically, and physically to provide many other benefits that improve soil, turf and plants.

How Quantum H Works Chemically

 Retains water-soluble inorganic fertilisers in the root zone where they are released to plants
 Converts several elements into “plant-available” forms
 Increases cation exchange capacity (CeC)
 Improves buffering properties of soil
 Chelates metal ions in alkaline conditions
 Raises nitrogen profile in soil

How Quantum H Works Biologically

 Increases root growth and development, thereby increasing dry matter content
 Improves seedling growth at emergence
 Increases permeability of plant membranes
 Increases plant respiration
 Stimulates growth of beneficial soil microorganisms
 Aids photosynthesis
 Acts as an organic catalyst
 Stimulates plant enzyme activity

How Quantum H Works Physically

 Increases water-holding capacity of soil
 Increases soil aeration
 Improves soil friability (ability to crumble) for less root resistance
 Improves soil structure

If you want the healthiest soil in the neighborhood put Quantum H on your lawn about 3 times during the growing season. 180gm will treat 100 square metres, so it is very economical to use. You’ll see visible results in a few weeks.

For Use: Turf Grass,Lawns and Ornamental Gardens.
Yield Covers approximately 1.2 acres. For specific application instructions consult the product label. Retreatment apply 1 to 6 times during the growing season.