NatraKelp – Liquid Seaweed for Animals

Sizes: 1 litre, 5 litre, 20 litre, 220 litre
Natrakelp Seaweed for Animals enhances animal health improving resistance to a range of health problems and in some cases improving production.

Liquid Seaweed is ideal for dairy and beef cattle, horses, calves, sheep, goats, deer, pigs, poultry, dogs and cats.

Scientifically and historically, seaweed is one of nature’s most mineral-rich plants. Natrakelp Liquid SEAWEED is concentrated kelp, one of the world’s richest sources of micro-nutrients, alginic acid, essential amino acids, minerals and other complex organic compounds. We use a natural bacterial fermentation process to liquefy the kelp and maximise the seaweed’s high nutrient levels.

Digestibility and palatability is increased because the seaweed plant is already broken down by enzymes in the cold liquefying process making all vitamins, minerals, amino acids and elements readily available to the animal’s digestive system, therefore, requiring less to achieve results.

Animals have always sought out seaweeds for their health-giving nutrients, going so far as grazing these plants in salt water. Many minerals are required by the body in minute amounts, but it cannot function effectively without them. Seaweed has an extensive range of these elements and minerals in their most natural forms.

Sport horses, race horses, pregnant or lactating dairy cattle will have higher requirements for Liquid Seaweed than non-producing animals. Feeding levels are designed to allow an increase or reduction in the number of times per week you supplement your animals according to their immediate requirements.

Liquid SEAWEED can be administered orally, mixed with feed or in water. In the dairy, Liquid Seaweed can be administered with feed or ideally through our innovative automatic dispensing system, which is already successfully installed in many Australian dairies. The system can automatically dispense any liquid additive directly into bails.