Plant Doctor Water Crystals

Sizes: 1 kilo, 5 kilo, 20 kilo, 200 kilo, 1000 kilo

Plant Doctor Water Crystals increase the plant available water holding capacity, aeration balance
and structure of soils, substrates and potting mixes. Consequently, water and nutrients are
available to the plant for a longer period of time, resulting in stronger and healthier plant growth
even under hot and dry climatic conditions.

As Plant Doctor Water Crystals store water in the root zone, water deep percolation as well as
fertilizer leaching can be prevented. This allows for a reduction in irrigation frequency and thus
irrigation costs. Furthermore, Plant Doctor Water Crystals increase soil porosity and enhance the
water infiltration rate of soil to an extent that surface water run-off and soil erosion can be
significantly reduced.

Technical specifications

  • Basis Crosslinked polyacrylic acid homopolymer partially potassium neutralised
  • Appearance Free flowing white granules
  • Particle Size Distribution (mm): 1.0 – 2.5
  • Bulk density [g/l] 550 + / – 100
  • Solubility Insoluble in water Swell to gel upon contact with aqueous solutions
  • pH-value (1g/l H20) 6.0 – 8.5
  • Minimum Absorption – Under free swelling conditions
    1. Deionized water > 260 [ml/g]
    2. Tap-Water (1.3 mmol / l CaCO3) > 180 [ml/g]
  • Minimum Absorption – In different soil types
    • Loess soil > 120 [g/g]
    • Sandy soil > 110 [g/g]
  • Toxicology / Ecology Nontoxic for plants and soil organisms and does not pollute ground water according to OECD –


Residual Monomers Acrylic acid [mg/kg] < 600

Storage Stability

Plant Doctor Water Crystals can be stored in closed packaging under dry conditions and ambient
room temperatures.