Champion fertiliser pellets

  • Champion mineral lawn & turf fertiliser
RRP: 111.00
Sizes: 4.5 kilo, 20 kilo, 50x20 kilo, 1000 kilo

NPK 4.5:1:2.5 + TE + 45%Carbon

Product Comparison

Comparison of Champion Fertiliser (Champ), Chicken Manure Pellets (CM) and Controlled Release Fertilisers (CRF)

Performance Champ CM CRF
Soil Conditioner – improves growing media/soil
Holds 100% of weight in water – reduced watering
Contains root stimulant Triacontanol – world’s most powerful natural root hormone
Contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents
Contains beneficial, broad spectrum amino acids, vitamins and minerals
Contains Mycorrhizae that reduce fertiliser and water needs
Fertiliser remains available in cold temperatures
Environmentally Safe
Chemical free
Manure free
No heavy metals, antibiotics, synthetic hormones or vermicides
No salt added to soils, growing media or water courses
Does not cause algal blooms in waterways and dams
Does not contain ammonium, nitrates or phosphates
Nitrogen sourced from nitrogen fixing bacteria
Contains weed suppression agents
No offensive smell
Does not burn Plants
100% sustainable
Will not dump nutrients into waterways under hot temperatures
Safe if accidentally ingested by animals/pets
Longevity – lasts up to 3 months
All purpose – ideal for all plants
More than 50% essential nutrients
Scores 22/22 6/22 3/22

A Perfect Score for Champion Fertiliser!

“A lot of people like chicken manure pellets but, personally, I have never been keen on manures. My Grandfather had a market garden in Condell Park and I noticed that he had to add manure to his soil every two weeks. It disappears very quickly and, in my opinion, is false economy. When it comes to chicken manure, the ammonia burns off after three to four weeks and there is no more nitrogen. The natural nitrogen in Champion Fertiliser is derived freely from nitrogen fixing bacteria and continues to be released for up to three months – three times longer than with chicken pellets!

If I or my pet accidentally ingest chicken manure, we could be in for stomach problems with ecoli or salmonella, but Champion Fertiliser is completely safe, and that’s what I like.

Controlled release fertilisers and manures are often not suitable for native plants such as Grevilleas or proteas, and can burn seedlings. Champion Fertiliser safely feeds all species. Now that’s efficient!”

– Daniel FitzHenry, Horticulturist, ANR P/L

Here’s what our Champion James Viles of Biota Dining says about Champion Fertiliser:

“Champion fertiliser is all organic and all natural. It is made from mother nature, for mother nature which is why it fits so perfectly with our ethos at Biota Dining. We wouldn’t use anything else on our kitchen garden- it helps us grow the best possible produce for our restaurant.”

– James Viles and the Biota Dining team