Carbon (humic) Coated Urea

Sizes: 1 kilo, 4.5 kilo, 20 kilo, 50x20 kilo
Urea is the world’s most widely used commodity fertiliser.

In Australia, growers spend millions of dollars on urea to produce crops and feed their plants and lawns. The one problem with urea is its volatility in both leaching and volatising into the atmosphere. A great deal of research has been conducted in this area and has shown as much as 50% of the nitrogen in urea is lost before the crop, plant or lawn has any chance of utilising it.

These inefficiencies are leading to environmental problems for rivers and ground water. The biggest problems for consumers is lost production and blown out costs.

Carbon Coated Urea benefits:

  • Less loss of nitrogen…. means reduced costs
  • Leads to increased production & better results
  • Better for the Environment as the carbon helps secure Nitrogen within the soil, reducing
  • volatilisation and leaching
  • Reduces potential burn
  • Carbon content helps buffer soils and increase beneficial microbe activity, increasing:
    • Water and
    • Nutrient holding capacity


Application rates should be determined by soil analysis and applied in conjunction with a balanced nutrition program. The following rates are generalised for irrigated and dry land
cropping, for intense horticulture these rates can be increased.

General Application rate is:
Agriculture: 165-390kg/Hectare or 70-160kg/Acre
Home: 20-40gm/m2 or 200-400gm/100m2

CC Urea is best-applied broadcast, Direct Drill Horticultural Spinner Spreaders and small walk behind applicators.

Note: This product can be used to uniquely formulate a fertiliser to suit a specific need in any crop. We suggest trialling a small area before broad usage as some burning in the crop/plant or lawn can occur if over applied. We recommend.


Store in a cool, dry location. Do not expose to moisture or the product will deteriorate and clump together. For best results, use within 3 months.

Heavy metals

Use of this product may result in Cadmium and /or Lead and/or Mercury residues in excess of the Maximum Permitted Concentration (MPC) in plant and animal products and may also result in accumulation of these residues in soils.

Care of equipment

This product can be corrosive to metals. Clean equipment after use and follow manufacturer’s advice.

Safety directions

Avoid ingestion and inhaling product. Avoid contact with eyes and the skin. Wash hands after use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN