Animal Salvation

Sizes: 0.75 kilo, 2 kilo, 4.5 kilo, 15 kilo, 25 kilo


  • Improves bone Health esp.…. hooves/teeth, and electrolyte balance, and wound
  • Strengthens Immune system, maintain healthy levels of haemoglobin and aids in
    formation of new cells
  • Helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, has a low glycaemic index, slows the metabolism
    of glucose and carbohydrates, and subsequently means less production of insulin
  • Helps to reduces excess fat and lipids in blood stream
  • The inclusion of Fossil Shell Flour may help in eliminating intestinal parasites
  • No toxic levels of Heavy Metals, like some others.

Directions & Inclusion Rates

  • Include with food at a rate of 1-2gm per kg of food 3-4 times per week.
  • Alternatively, include with food at a rate of 20 g per 100 kg body weight 3-4 times per
  • DIY Liquid option – mix 180gm per litre of water. Mix slowly while agitating to prevent lump
    formation (if formed these lumps can be very difficult to dissolve). Some solids may not

When to Recommend

Can be used to aid recovery for sick animals, use daily.

Nutritional supplement product for inclusion in animal’s feed. This product is intended to maintain
general health and has no therapeutic effect.

Please note: product can stain.