Amco Paste 15-20-50 + TE (Red)

Sizes: 1 kilo, 4.5 kilo, 20 kilo
Amco Paste 15-20-50 + TE is used in agriculture sector and is processed to improve fruit size, quality & quantity

This is a high concentration of Potassium (K) fertilizer.
Potassium has an irreplaceable part to play in the activation of enzymes which are fundamental to metabolic processes, especially the production of proteins and sugars. It helps plants combat the adverse effects of drought and frost damage and insect and disease attack. It also improves fruit quality and the oil content of many oil-producing crops.
It supplies the plant’s needs during the fruit ripening stages in the form of macro nutrients.
Amcopaste, being a homogeneous fertilizer, produces healthier plants resulting in higher quality crops.
This formula has a higher Potassium (K) solubility than other Potassium sources such as Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulphate or other NPK fertilisers, which will result in a higher rate & quicker uptake by the plant.