AgriPlus Humic Granules (Insoluble)

Sizes: 4.5 kilo, 22.68 kilo, 1000 kilo bulk bag
Premium Leonardite granular soil conditioner and fertiliser additive.

Agri-PlusTM is a superior USA sourced Leonardite, consisting of 70% Humic Acid, with 30% Fulvic Acid. It’s concentrated dry granular soluble humus formulation with a 30-year track record for
performance and ease of use. Containing abundant concentrations of plant active humic substances, Agri-PlusTM reputation for consistent results has made it the standard to which all humic products are compared. Agri-PlusTM is compatible with all dry fertilizers, including urea containing blends.


  • Concentrated for convenience and cost savings
  • Lower application rates with greater effectiveness as compared to other dry granular humic products
  • Improved nutrient availability to plants
  • Blend with dry fertilizers or apply as standalone application Soil structure improvements:
  • Increases nutrient retention in fast draining soils
  • Aggregates soil particles for improved drainage and stability
  • Buffers sodic or saline soil conditions reducing yield drag


  • Soil conditioner: 4-12 grams / m2 (40-120 kg / Ha)
  • Turf & Lawn: 4-12 grams / m2 (40-120 Kg / Ha)
  • Potting mix additive/conditioner: 0.5-1.5kg / m3 (5-15 Kg / 10m3)
  • Fertiliser additive: Add at 5-20% of total mix (mix well before applying)